Supply Chain Analytics
There is a new era in supply chain management. And is changing things rapidly.
Supply Chain Survey

Supply chain Survey 2024

Read more about our annual supply chain survey edition 2024 focussing on strategy alignment, supply chain maturity and resilience. A tool that allows you to put your supply chain to the test. Read more about the survey and output that is delivered. 

Supply chain Optimization

Supply chain optimization and network design. The core of our company. Where should produce our products? How many distribution centers do we need, what service levels can we promise our customers? After more than 200 projects over the past 15 years it is safe to say that this is our expertise. Read more about the questions we can answer for you and our approach to these strategis supply chain challenges.

Supply chain Analytics

Insight in the current sitution. One of the most important steps in every project we do is without a doubt mapping the current situation. Often one of the most time-consuming jobs, if not done in a structured manner. Visualizing and comparing costs, volumes and performance is something we have a lot of experience with and do in a very targeted manner. Without exception, it provides valuable insights. 

Data Analytics and Literacy

Data literacy is the ability to understand and analyse data and use it as the basis for decisions. Without a doubt the key to success for a data-driven culture within any organisation. But stil a lot of work needs to be done in most companies in having a firm foundation. Read more about our practical approach helping companies to increase their data literacy. 

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