Strategic and tactical optimization: fully capable of doing it themselves.

On a tactical level, Argusi analyzed various countries and with a focus on the distribution models, lead times, region definitions, customer-warehouse allocations, transport spend etc. On a strategic level, we evaluated various scenarios for the best distribution and manufacturing footprint. At the heart of these optimizations we used two main segmentations: geographical and product. The product segmentations consisted of elements such as above/below ground, value, length, diameter, etc.


We worked very closely with the Wavin project team to make sure that the models were indeed a good representation of Wavin’s situation, and the scenario outcomes were realistic and implementable. Based on the experiences in the various optimization projects we jointly conducted, we created a typology of projects in terms of reach and modeling complexity. For two of the three resulting types of optimization projects, the Wavin team is now fully capable of doing them without our help, for example by using standardized data pulls and dashboards. Only the more complex problems, like greenfield optimizations, will still be conducted as a joint effort of Wavin and Argusi. In this way, Wavin has struck a very good balance between internal capability building and external support where needed.

Used tools and techniques:

Several projects of the last years. An overview: