European footprint optimization

To support Zeelandia, Argusi has developed a model that calculates and optimizes the European footprint. In the first phase, a lot of time was spent on mapping data sources and validating the data. A link has been made between centrally available sales data and product information on one hand, and local knowledge and expertise on the other. This has been used for the development of a detailed model of production and distribution in Europe. To build the model, we used Supply Chain Guru. With the footprint model it is possible to do scenario analyzes on a tactical and strategic level and compare the outcomes with the baseline.


To get a good insight into the current situation, and to be able to assess the scenarios, a dashboard has also been developed in Tableau. With this, Zeelandia can easily compare different scenarios and there is a clear insight into the inputs and outputs of the model.

Used tools and techniques:

Several projects of the last years. An overview: