From start to finish: supply, brew, filter, ferment, pack and distribute.

This network optimization project has been conducted in cooperation with the global supply chain performance team of Heineken, located in Zoeterwoude (NL). This team is responsible for optimizing and rationalizing the logistics network and solving S&OP problems. During the project, the full production- and distribution network for the region West-Europe on SKU-level has been modeled.


Heineken had four goals with this project: increasing transparency, answering both strategic and tactical business questions, and building the capability within the Heineken team. Analysts were trained at Heineken to use and update the models themselves, to calculate scenarios and upload data.


The model contains sourcing, production (brewing, filtering, fermenting and packaging) and transport (inbound, outbound and intercompany). The model uses transactional, financial, capacity and master data of the Heineken core IT systems to support both tactical and strategic optimization decisions. Examples are optimal product allocation and volume distribution based on the existing and future network structure.


In a subsequent project, we supported Heineken in the implementation of both Eastern-Europe and Asia networks to the model as well. Success factors of this project are: the ability to model the production process in great detail, the decentralized approach of country after country validation, the early adaption of tools, thorough project management, and the sound data validation process.

Used tools and techniques:

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