A breakthrough in approach. Systematically searching for savings in the market.

Together with the team of Tata Steel, we optimized the outbound transport of the production sites in England and Europe to five distribution regions (Germany, North America, Spain, Portugal and Italy). The main goal of the projects was to develop a standardized network optimization method for Tata Steel, which ultimately could be used by the Tata team themselves. And it worked. The model that has been developed is now being used by the Tata team and will be developed further.


The focus of this project was on the comparison of different modes of transportation and associated capacities and tariffs to support the business strategy. The developed methodology is able to answer questions about outbound transport at both strategic and tactical level. It is a good example of a detailed transport model that can also be used at tactical level. Due to the number of mode options (barge, train, truck, etc.) and to the inclusion of actual transport contracts.

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