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Today, many companies are aware of challenges they have regarding sustainability. As climate change is present and undeniable, actions have to be taken to care for the climate on earth and generations to come. But how? What is the first step in formulating a proper plan, a proper road map? Should we aim for the moon or take it step by step? Sustain: From ambition to action plan in sustainability.


What is Sustain?

Regardless of why you are thinking of starting to reduce CO2 emissions, it’s not easy to know where to start. This is why we developed this simple but effective tool to help companies formulate their ambitions and targets and generate a concrete action plan to reduce CO2 emissions in transport that fits their organization.

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A simple procedure

To come up with a concrete action plan and help companies formulate their roadmap we first start to assess their ambition level. The ambition level differs per company. Imagine a company that would like to reduce CO2 emissions for the first time, their ambition is probably small in the beginning. The maturity required to fulfill their ambition will be limited. Where a company that is already active for many years reducing their CO2 emissions, has probably a higher and more complex ambition that calls for a higher maturity level.

We distinguish three levels of ambition; level 1, level 2 and level 3. These three levels have an increasing level of complexity. For the maturity, three corresponding levels are defined. Every level has its own set of themes that are more relevant.

Sustain Index

Sustain is a tool that offers insight in specific measures to reduce CO2 emissions within transport, considering your capabilities and ambitions. Based on the gap between your companies’ ambitions and the current maturity (organization, process, resources), concrete steps are proposed, that help to fulfill their ambitions. These steps are specific measures to reduce transport CO2 emissions within your supply chain.


How will it help you?

As options are many and not all potential measures are relevant we developed this framework to help companies to filter out the most relevant and feasible measures reducing CO2 emissions. It basically helps to start evaluating the most relevant measures given the companies’ maturity and ambition level. In addition, a first roadmap is generated to help structure the path towards CO2 reduction.

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What will it bring you?

First and foremost it will give you and your organization a head start in formulating a plan to reduce CO2 emissions. It helps to list the most relevant measures given the companies’ maturity and ambition level and in addition provides a first road map to structure the path towards CO2 reduction.

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