Transportation plays a crucial role in the supply chain. It all comes down to the final delivery. On time. In Full.

A supply chain can can fall apart if the transportation is not organized well. That is why it is important to evaluate and analyze the transportation network periodically. But this usually introduces quite a challenge as it asks for transparency, data, and the skills and techniques to gain insight in the costs and performance.

So how can you design a transportation network that can achieve the desired service level in a cost effective way?

To face these challenges we use ever more advanced techniques and algorithms, that help us determine the transportation routes to minimize cost of inbound and outbound shipments. Considering realistic cost and capabilities. Typical examples of these type of networks are express, groupage, FTL or LTL networks analysis. Taking into account the routes, the sequence of intermediate nodes, the service characteristics: mode, speed, capacity, etc. Using transportation optimization, we help companies to baseline existing routing strategies and test new strategies to predict actual costs and service levels.

How do we help our clients? An overview: