How to conquer the deep ocean of supply chain data?

The supply chain world climate is changing. One of those changes is the rising ocean of data. More and more processes are tracked and traced with an increasing amount of details that is recorded. Everyone agrees that the ocean of data is nice, however, it’s hard to conquer. The potential of the supply chain (SC) data ocean is high, but how to convert it into value? Moreover, how are you going to prevent that SC data is going to flood you?

Source: adjusted from the Gartner model. The original model distinguishes ‘diagnostic analytics’ (why it happened) as an other step after descriptive analytics.

At Argusi, we are supply chain analysts pur sang and you could hire us to retrieve the data value for you. But, why don’t you do it yourself? “We believe that a wide range of companies should be able to analyze their SC data themselves”. In current times, robust and responsive analyses are needed to continuously improve supply chains and to deliver the most value possible to your customers. But then the question remains: how to start analyzing?

To help you out, we developed a one-day hands-on Supply Chain Analytics training which deals with the relevant basics. It covers the different types of Supply Chain Analytics: descriptive, predictive and prescriptive. Next to this, the training gives an overview of the relevant tools to use for the different analyses and deals with the relevant principles if you would like to communicate your analyses to others. Finally, a sneak preview is given of more advanced analytics techniques like machine learning. In short, this training gives you, as beginning SC analyst or as manager, the right kick-start.

So, are you ready to start analyzing and enjoy surfing on the supply chain data ocean? Want to know more? Please contact us.

Our trainingprogrammes and experience in training.

Argusi has many years of experience in training and building Supply Chain Analysts teams. At multiple companies we’ve trained analysts in doing supply chain analyses and optimizations themselves. Next to this, with our academy we’ve organized multiple masterclasses and trainings. If necessary we develop our own training tools, like our Network Design Game.