What starts of as a project (footprint, inventory optimization, fleet optimization) becomes recurring activities. A process. A continou business process. Analyzing, optimizing, and adjusting the supply chain is become a routine, daily business.

The last years we have seen the character of our work change. From a mainly project-based approach oriented to continuous support, building capabilities, training of the people within the companies we work for. We have been working on this for the last years. Helping our client through training, master-classes, and dedicated programs. With the objective to enable our clients to analyze and optimize their own supply chain. The core is to train people in analyzing the supply chain, search for possible cost reductions, service improvements, or new concepts. We believe that an organization can create more recurring value by building up this supply chain optimization capability in-house, being flexible and responsive to what the business requires. With analysis skills anchored in the organization.


We help the people in the organization to make use of the state of the art analysis- and visualization techniques, supported by software tools such as Llamasoft, Esri, Tableau and PowerBI. This means that together we develop an analytics dashboard you can use and adjust independently. Besides that, we offer our inspirational masterclasses ‘network design and optimization’. According to the principle ‘learning by doing’, you get the experience of analyzing a case study for a day and you will find out what possibilities exist in modeling and optimizing your supply chain network.

Learning by doing, that is what it is all about at the Argusi Academy.

The Academy trains and supports supply chain professionals in understanding supply chain analysis, optimization and horizontal collaboration. In addition, we facilitate round tables for senior management. To meet, share experciences, ideas, and get informed about the latest developments in the industry.

Developing ourselves and create an environment that encourages innovation.

We like to learn about the latest analyses- and visualization techniques and embed them in our daily work. Also, our trainees work with us to do research about the latest techniques and insights.

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We would like to explain more about our approach, training, support and use of software.