Argusi joined DCHI as official partner

Argusi joined the DCHI as an official partner. We support the objective and guiding principles of the DCHI. Whenever we can add value, we will support DCHI’s activities with specific knowledge, skills and/or other resources. This means we will be invited to join DCHI innovation projects and bring forward projects that may contribute to the shared ambition. An example is the quickscan project that we are currently working on. This ultimate goal is to develop adequate, grounded solutions for improving lead times for humanitarian intervention. To be able to do this, we first need to understand the challenges faced. With the quickscan project we aim to get insight in the state of the art and current best practices and the opportunities and barriers within the immediate response.

About Dutch Coalition for Humanitarian Innovation (DCHI)

The humanitarian sector worldwide is confronted with an increasing demand for humanitarian aid and emergency response services. In the last 10 years the number of people affected by crisis has almost doubled and the cost of international humanitarian aid has tripled. The needs and conditions of people affected by these crises have also changed. In many cases, traditional humanitarian assistance tools, services and models need to better reflect these changing emergency contexts. It is recognized that innovation within the humanitarian domain has the potential to provide more effective and sustainable ways of humanitarian service delivery to people affected by a humanitarian disaster or crisis. Innovation is critical for the transformational change that is needed.

DCHI is comprised of governmental actors, knowledge institutes, businesses (incl. small and medium sized enterprises) and humanitarian organizations in the Netherlands who strive for innovation to overcome the challenges faced by the humanitarian sector; increasing the impact of emergency aid as well as its (cost)efficiency. Together partners address challenges no single actor would be capable of effectively addressing on its own. DCHI brings together a unique combination of expertise and capabilities. Partners choose to contribute a variety ways including content and innovation expertise, financial resources or dedicated manpower for innovation projects.