Argusi Aid, the new branch of Argusi

In 2015, Argusi started a new branch, Argusi Aid, which focuses on the humanitarian and development sector. Within this branch, the knowledge and experience of the private sector is translated so it can be used for the humanitarian and development sector. The objective is to contribute to the improvement of efficient logistics and supply chain management in the humanitarian and development sector. This is done by offering consulting and knowledge sharing in the areas of expertise (supply chain design, optimization and collaboration) in a collaborative and respectful manner.

In our western world, logistics is well-established. Nowadays, it is possible to predict delivery times very accurately. If you order something you will know in advance at what day, usually next day, and often even in what time window your order will be delivered. But do you remember for example the Ebola crisis? It took 3 months for the emergency tents to be delivered at the destination! Unfortunately, this is no exception – lead times of 2 to 3 months are common practice in the humanitarian world and people are actually dying during these long lead times. There is a big gap between commercial and humanitarian supply chain management and logistics. How is it possible that logistics in a humanitarian setting are so under developed? And what can we do about this?

Value Argusi Aid

These were question that Lieke van Amelsfort asked herself. She has always wanted to make a difference but was searching for the best way to do this. Lieke has founded Argusi Aid to make a combination between her passion to help people in developing countries and her professional expertise in supply chain management and logistics. The objective of Argusi Aid is to contribute to the improvement of efficient logistics and supply chain management in the humanitarian and development sector. This is done in the areas of expertise of Argusi and of Lieke herself: supply chain design, optimization and collaboration. The first way to contribute is by executing advisory projects to humanitarian and development organizations. In these projects, Argusi experts translate and apply the experience and knowledge of the commercial sector in order to fit the humanitarian and development sector. The second way of contributing is knowledge sharing. This is done in training sessions and through conferences. Argusi Aid’s mission is to enable availability of basic needs for everyone at all times by creating better and faster supply chains.

First projects, more to come

The first projects and training sessions have been received well. In April 2015 Argusi Aid started the first project working on the evaluation of a supply chain into Syria. The second project started in May 2015. In this project Argusi Aid has helped Healthy Entrepreneurs, an organization with the mission to improve access to reliable and affordable health products and services for families in developing countries, to gain insight in their supply chain by modelling the complete supply chain. A network optimization model has been made to be able to make founded network design decisions that fit with their planned growth. The first training session was organized in June 2015. In cooperation with the Kühne Foundation, a training week for a global NGO has been organized at one of their regional offices in Nairobi, Kenya. During this week Argusi analysts have educated their people about supply chain design and (lean) supply chain improvement. The provided insight and guidance in usage of commercial methods and tools were valued a lot. Last month, Argusi Aid attended a cross-sector workshop facilitated by the Kühne Foundation in which professors from different disciplines and universities, NGO’s, UN organizations, and private sector companies have worked together on identifying and defining areas of improvement. More projects and trainings sessions are in the pipeline. Argusi Aid is ready to bridge the gap further!

More about Lieke

After obtaining her Master’s Industrial Engineering and Management Science at Eindhoven University of Technology, she gained 8 years of working experience in supply chain and logistics, working both in operational and advisory jobs. For the last 2 years Lieke has been working at Argusi as Senior Project Lead. Next to her work, she spends a lot of time to her passion: helping people in developing countries. She is a board member of the Cucu Foundation and has worked as a volunteer at a Kenyan children’s home. Last year, Lieke won the Marina van Damme grant with her plan to apply advanced commercial supply chain knowledge to the humanitarian sector in order to help bridging the gap. Winning the grant enabled her to start combining her passion for humanitarian aid with her professional specialization in supply chain management and logistics. She is currently working on obtaining the Certificate Humanitarian Supply Chain Management and the further development of Argusi Aid.