A couple of years ago we started our Academy to fill specific customer needs.

Sharing knowledge and learn from each other is what advocate, and what we strongly encourage. In- and outside our company. A succesful project is defined by the ability of our client to execute different projects, analysis, and optimizations themselves.

By building this capability we train our client to do the analyses themselves. We train and support the supply chain analysts and leave.

Academy as platform.

The Academy offers the possibility for our clients to discuss and share experiences about specifc supply chain topics closely related to supply chain analytics and optimization. We train and support supply chain professionals in understanding and analyzing their supply chain, footprint, and business processes during our master-classes using the latest tools and techniques. In addition, we organize round table events for senior management to get in learn from each other.

The masterclass is an interactive day of training that provides the participant insight in supply chain analytics, tools, and techniques.

Using real life cases studies, big data techniques, optimization tools and geographical informationsystems (GIS) we practice by learning by doing.

The round table is a platform with the objective to share experiences, best-practices, and discuss new trends with peers. Creating value.

We facilitate these roundtables for senior management from  different industries to create a broad view on the issues at hand. Of course closely related to the supply chain realm.

Menno-“The Academy exists to educate and develop organizations. To let them model and analyze supply chains independent, more often and faster.”

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