Solving the puzzle. Finding a better solution. Preventing waste. That is what motivates us.

For over 10 years now, we are achieving fantastic results together with our clients. What once started with two PhD theses, has developed into a flourishing company with people from different backgrounds and academic educations. Econometric, Civil Techniques, Industrial Engineering, Operations Research, Marketing Communication and Consumer studies. We are proud of these roots and up to this day we have strong bonds with the national and international academic world.

Argusi Academy

We are analysts. We are not consultants. We analyze, we gather information and try to find the cause. Sharing knowledge is the core of the Academy. Together with our clients we try to take the next steps within our field of expertise.

Learning by doing, that is what the Argusi Academy is about.

The Academy trains and supports supply chain professionals in understanding supply chain analysis, optimization and horizontal collaboration. In addition we facilitate round tables for senior management. To meet, share ideas and experiences, and get informed about the latest developments in the industry.

Argusi Aid, our humanitarian branch.

Argusi Aid wants to contribute to a better world and focuses on the improvement of the supply chain in developing countries. Aid wants to bridge the gap between the commercial and humanitarian branch, and use Argusi’s expertise to optimize humanitarian supply chain structures.

Making the difference.

We started Argusi Aid to contribute in the humanitarian branch too. Originated from personal ambitions by using scarce goods efficiently and to prevent waste.

Enthousiastic and motivated. Characteristic for our team.

By what? Giving insights and unravelling problems through detailed analyses. Simply because we like to calculate.