Common sense and brute force. We search for possible improvements within supply chains.

In a time of increased focus on costs, service and sustainability we help our clients in improving their supply chain. Leaning heavily on our quantitative approach, using the latest techniques and modeling software to create the neccessary insight.

How do we help our clients? An overview:

In a time of increased focus on costs, sustainability and new techniques we help our clients with improving their supply chain and train their people. Using a highly quantitative and visual approach. It is in our DNA.

Upcoming events

Several times a year the Argusi Academy organizes round tables and masterclasses and we organize training with Argusi Aid. Curious about which events are coming up or want to register for a masterclass? Check our agenda here:

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Our publications

We like to share our knowledge and experiences with our clients and the outer world.

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We are analysts. Not consultants.

We make use of quantitative methods, techniques and actual market information. Thus we develop and use models to optimize supply chains.